A real Border

April 22nd

It was with some trepidation that we began our journey today. Having checked and re-checked our papers, waded through the advice on the appropriate web pages, calculated how much alcohol we still had on board etc, we set off on the last stage of our journey across the border into Canada. As many of you know we have travelled into the country lots of times, but we’ve never driven in from the USA before and it seems the rules are quite strict. You cannot “import” certain food stuffs eg potatoes, not normally an issue except when you’re bringing the entire contents of your kitchen with you!  We’ve been searched before. There is also a duty free allowance. However we set off and began to get excited as we neared the border (yes another large city on the way…yes I had been sleepless the night before, thank goodness it was Sunday as we negotiated Seattle.)

We had no idea how long the queues at immigration would be, but thankfully we didn’t wait long  and all went very smoothly. We are now at White Rock (check out the picture to see how it got its name) a delightful spot just across the border and at the southern tip of Vancouver. As we wandered along the very busy prom this afternoon, we felt comfortable, once again beside the sea – water seems to make such a difference – the sun was shining, the attractive houses overlooking a beautiful view led us to thoughts of living here, perhaps a little B&B..? We dined on some excellent fish n’ chips as good as any in Blighty and even managed to snap one of the two eagles that were soaring overhead, though the disaster response route sign was a little worrying!

Well after a good night’s rest today we began our quest to find somewhere suitable to leave Bree + Toad while we fly home. We had a few places to check out and one that had been recommended by a Good Sam buddy. Good Sam is an RVr’s club through which members can get discounts at participating camp sites, its handbook also lists members who are prepared to help out with local knowledge in their home territory. We had contacted Dwayne, the buddy for Vancouver and sought his advice on storage. This proved to be an inspired move; we have found just the place, where the owners are RV’rs so understand our concern for security and peace of mind. We feel we can leave our home here in safe hands until we resume our travels. The rest of this week we will do a little sightseeing, Vancouver we hear is not to be missed and we will prepare Bree and Toad for their well-earned rest.

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