To the woods (red that is)

April 15th 


Ever northward now, we followed the 101, a route highly recommended by many fellow Rvers ( we consider ourselves proper Rvers now – we have been on the road for nearly 6months and apart from full timers that’s probably equivalent to those who spend just one month a year for 6 years!) It was an interesting journey, no more monotonous miles on the interstate, now it is small settlements, twisting, turning roads, steep gradients and, as we travel north forests and streams. Wild flowers adorning the roadside, trees bursting into springtime bloom. It does take a bit longer and probably a bit more fuel but it’s worth it. There are still the roads that stretch into the unknown, far off into the distance before us, holding secrets that they gently reveal as we pass along them. We are camped at Giant Redwood RV Camp; it’s an idyllic spot, nestled beside the river Eel and right in the heart of Redwood country. This wondrous environment seems to sit easier upon our shoulders, the peace and tranquillity is both calming and invigorating at the same time. We arrived just in time to catch the visitors centre: before it closed, this allowed us to plan for tomorrow and also to wander along a short trail that gave us a glimpse of the awe inspiring, humbling trees that are so famous. When you stand beside something that has lived through all the chapters of history, that’s part of “geological” time you not only feel very small, but very insignificant too. We are but a dot in earth’s journey. Check out the piccies they speak for themselves. We rounded off the day beside the river at the campsite where BBQ’d chops and courgettes tasted so good. This is what our adventure is all about. This item is amazing, what a man…but for him people like us might not be able to visit as we are able to do today.

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