Diet starts tomorrow

Tuesday April 3rd

Here we are back in the city that never sleeps…and its just as if we were never away. The traffic is still non stop, the slots are still singing, the many parts of the strip that are building sites are still noisy and dusty, the money is still rolling in, though not as rapidly to the pockets of you and I.  It did feel comfortable driving down the familiar streets and the current temperatures, which are in the high 80’s, are very welcome. We went back to the strip and whilst the boys went to check out an automobile exhibition at the Imperial, Gill and I chose to sample the delights of the tropical gardens at the Flamingo. The birds were oblivious to tourists and their cameras; in fact they almost seemed blasé. We paused to watch a wedding ceremony and pondered why anyone would want to get hitched in the middle of so many strangers. Perhaps we’re a bit old fashioned, maybe it was just spur of the moment, who knows…but the wedding planner did her best to keep people from walking in front of the video camera! We crossed the road (this took about 10mins in all by the time we found a crossing point and waited for the lights) and wandered through the gardens of Caesars palace, the delphiniums were exquisite, a touch of reality in this world of make believe.

We shared a very pleasant meal with G&V at a Brazilian restaurant where the waiters keep bringing skewers of different succulent meats to the table, carving them before you, until you beg them to stop…which for some of us – those with larger stomach capacity was quite a long time! We said goodbye to our guests the next day, hoping they had enjoyed sharing a few experiences with us and knowing that in little under a month we would see them again on our return home. It seems to be creeping up on us now, but we are already planning our next trip in the knowledge that there is much, much more to discover!

But for now our route will eventually take us north as we hope to cross the border into Canada before the end of the month. After so long in the desert dust, it was more than time for Bree to have a well deserved spruce up. So in true Malc+Bets spirit we found a DIY- RV wash, it was just as much a challenge to keep filling the “meter” with quarters – 15 at a time, as it was to get the bus washed. I think Malc secretly enjoyed getting himself and me totally drenched! However the end result was worth it. The only thing that remained was to attach her new registration plate, she is now registered in Montana, which means we only have to renew once a year instead of twice, so it saves a bit of money. Here’s the amusing part, since the plates won’t be ready for a few weeks we had to make do with temporary ones. Remember the cardboard ones we had in New Hampshire? You thought that was odd, well this time the temporary plate is actually paper!! Maybe we should have done that DIY too and saved even more!!

Just a little aside…we passed the “World’s tallest Thermometer” on our way, it’s in Baker, Ca. Oh, and probably far more pertinent Bree managed to reach the dizzy heights of 16.2 to the gallon! How great was that?  OK it was downhill. Put a smile on Malc’s face anyway!

PS We did have a very scary moment when we thought toad, tired of following, had broken loose and was overtaking us ! check out the picture…


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