Where Eagles Dare

Saturday March 31st


After some persuasion by our guests we agreed to share a train journey on Saturday. Like us they had listened to fellow travellers and thought that the Verde Canyon Railroad sounded interesting: http://www.verdecanyonrr.com/ Again we have them to thank for suggesting a great afternoon. We travelled 1st class (no room left in cattle class) seated on huge squashy sofas, with an in car buffet and the option to walk back into an open observation car to take in the surroundings. It was a particular treat for Malc not only because he could watch the world go by for a change, but he could also marvel at the engineering feat that had built the railway in the first place. He was dead chuffed to have managed to snap an adult bald eagle in its nest with two chicks, (even though it was high on the other side of the canyon). Our very knowledgeable guide, Mike, treated us to a running commentary. Learning about the geology of the area, the wildlife and the history of the railroad. It wends its way from Clarkdale near Cottonwood along the Verde Canyon to Perkinsville, but would have eventually joined the Santa Fe Railroad. The track spans smaller canyons with trestle bridges and plunges you in pitch darkness for over 680’ as it tunnels through one hillside. The restored engines and carriages have all seen service on the east coast. Their motto: “Its not the destination but the journey” seems a good description for this journey and our time here in the USA.

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