Seduction in Sedona

Thursday 27th March


As I write, trying to catch up with the blog that has been sadly neglected whilst we were having fun with our guests, we are actually travelling north on the I-5 towards San Francisco on Easter Sunday, but more of that later. It is a bumpy road so I have to keep a constant eye on my spelling and cancel the various programmes that continually spring up unannounced as I involuntarily press the wrong key, or as the result of the mouse jumping like a creature possessed.

Back to the story so far… After the Canyon, we had told G&V that we’d be guided by what they wanted to do; fortunately this took us south to the delightful town of Sedona.

The route travelled through Oak Creek canyon, a truly beautiful ride. It was a welcome change from the deserts of Arizona and the bright lights of Vegas; in fact it was a test for motor home, passengers and driver! Hair pin bends, sheer drops and killer gradients combined to make it an “exciting “ride – you know what I’m like with heights. As usual I calmed my nerves by taking lots of photos. Wonderful vistas unfolded round each bend, the red rocks towered above us in ever increasingly bizarre shapes. The town itself was bustling as we drove through it on our way to the campsite we had chosen – Dead Horse State Park, in Cottonwood. You cannot reserve or pre book most of the State parks so unfortunately we had to spend the first night in the “overflow” car park and then bag a site early next morning as someone left. Gill and I were duly despatched with a chair to “reserve” a vacant spot so that Malc could drive Bree to it. (Remember we involved them in every aspect of life on the road!) Then we spent the rest of the day sauntering around the delightful Sedona. A myriad of galleries filled with original work from the 300 or so artists that live in the area kept us entranced. Many a piece could have found its way into our possession under easier circumstances. We decided that it would be the perfect spot for Gill to live and exhibit her work; she was a definite match for the superb standards we saw. The whole area had an easy ambience; wonderful statues and interesting “object d’art” really do seem to enhance the quality of life! After the painted horses in Ocala, FL and the painted guitars of Austin, TX; the painted javelinas in Sedona were an amusing addition. I wonder what would be appropriate in Bournemouth?…answers on a postcard…

We returned to Dead Horse, a campfire and a delicious BBQ, this is the life.


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