Casino trawling

Monday 19th March


The moment I entered the conservatory, took a breath, and gazed around I was immediately enchanted…but home sick at the same time! It was just like a mini “Chelsea Flower show” in spring. The narcissi and hyacinths filled the air with their sensatitonal perfume, the daffodils and tulips were a visual feast, the flower sculptures as clever as any I’ve seen at shows – Oh, to be in England. The whole picture enriched by enormous red and yellow glass poppies, towering overhead attracting equally giant butterflies. Two glasshouses were home to huge, real butterflies that seemed to be tentatively watching the passing crowds through the striking “eyes” on their wings. It was magical; I’d fallen in love with the Bellagio. The floral theme continued in the lobby where yet more glass flowers fought to show themselves to the guests walking beneath them. It was much better than any outer space experience I can tell you! I would have been satisfied with that but this was only the start of another day on the strip, so we wandered southwards in the glorious sunshine, along pavements that weren’t quite as crowded as they had been at the week end. It really is fantasyland; we took in the thunderstorm under the ever-changing sky at the Aladdin, we caught a rainbow in the fountains outside the Bellagio. We felt entombed inside the Luxor and stood under the lions at the MGM Grand. In gay Paris we strolled amid the pavement cafes and crossed the street to Rome where we paid homage to Caesar. As the sun began its sleepy journey the towers of Excalibur became a magic castle and the Mandalay shone even more golden than before. Wearily  we sat and consulted our “Vegas on the cheap” bibles and headed for Terribles Casino (What an odd name!) where we feasted on their Tuscany Buffet a bargain at $9.99 a head, but Hey you know us we had a voucher!! Buy one get one free – so two buffets with drinks all for the princely sum of $10.75 (had to pay the tax.) We may not be rich enough to stay in the Bellagio or the Venetian, we may not have the trappings, but boy we can enjoy ourselves and be wowed by this wonderful city.


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