We boldly went…

Sunday 18th March

One thing we didn’t mention about last night was that we also sussed out a ticket booth selling half price show tickets for when we go to a real show (when our friends get here so they think we live it up all the time!) We happened to notice there were half price tickets available for STAR TREK – THE EXPERIENCE at the Las Vegas Hilton – Steve and Helen would never forgive us if we didn’t go – so tickets were purchased. You know something, I think Betsy secretly enjoyed the rather rocky journey back to earth 2007 in the shuttle craft after a bit of a Klingon encounter. Her pale face, sweaty palms and the “you won’t get me in one of those simulators again” were all quite a good act to get sympathy from the Starship Enterprise crewmembers who did ask if she was all right? Well at least the Borg didn’t manage to assimilate us and the resistance wasn’t futile. The experience was good and at least I was glad we boldly went J Think Betsy wants to go up to the top of the Stratosphere tomorrow J Oh and before I forget we rounded off today with another meal out; Soup/salad 10oz steak with veg. and fries (real – good and thick) or Jacket spud all for the princely sum of $4.95 J washed down with the best beer I’ve had over here for an extra $1 J – they brew their own! This was a real find at a place called Ellis Island back off the strip – the meal is not on the menu you have to ask – thanks, Harold, for the tip J J


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