We’re back

Sorry about that little aside – the other blog – found putting pictures on a bit more time consuming than here! So:

Tuesday 13th March


Well this last week has been one of many contrasts, from the wide flat scrub desert, with shanty RV towns to the serene beauty of the mountains, the brilliant blue ribbon of the Colorado and the life it brings to the valley, and then the towering majestic peaks that line the route north. Bends, which when negotiated take your breath away as they reveal enormous landscapes laid before you. Impossibly wide flat plains, patches of emerald where the river has painted the tilled soil. All baked in temperatures of 80-90 degrees. “Campsites” too have varied the beautifully manicured resorts in Mesa (Phoenix) to the BLM land (open land Gov. owned, free for camping), scrubby, dry but wide open, with amazing sun sets, which set the sky, alight.

The sprawl of Phoenix wasn’t that appealing, so we chose to stay in Mesa, just to the east, but really part of the metropolis. Here we would have been spoilt for choice with RV resorts had some of them not been full. (Quite a feat when some had 1000+ spaces) They lined the neat, clean roads where at last we had sight of flowers and gardens! The resorts were as manicured as the streets and you could actually live in one without ever venturing out! There is not enough time in the day to take advantage of all they had to offer: craft classes, dancing, aerobics, computer room, library, pool etc etc.A Winter community peopled by over 55’s from all over the States. Next, we spent a few days in Quartzsite, which simple though it sounds, gets its name from the Quartz you can literally pick up all around you – no digging, chipping required at all. This is a town of about 3300 which during the winter months swells to 1 million mostly in RV’s who come for the weather and the various shows like the Gem and Mineral show. We were there at the end of the “season” thank goodness. We then turned North after travelling some 2500miles West from Florida, stopping in a small town called Parker which lies in the Colorado River Indian reservation. This is home to the CRIT (Colorado River Indian Tribes) made up of Mohave, Chemehuevi, Hopi and Navajo, where we stayed in their casino car park. Getting ready for Vegas!!

The casino car park in Parker, baking hot but with the bonus of a water ski race event on the Colorado, the peace of the “beach” at the end of the day and the convenience of; cinema, restaurant, bars and slots not to mention the company of 40 odd other RV’ers after a free site.

Then on to the tightly packed (741 sites) casino site in Laughlin, not free and with no room to put out the awning, but very convenient for this mini Las Vegas. It has become habit to notice licence plates, these “snow birds” certainly get around. Many from Canada, mostly Quebec and British Columbia join the hundreds from Michigan, Missouri, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, Alaska etc.etc. The only thing that sets us apart is our accent, though, at times, we appear to hail from New Jersey or Australia it seems.

Today, Friday 16th March, we began our journey in Arizona, spent a brief few miles in California and came to rest in Nevada! Three states in one day, not bad! We were only stopped and searched the once! On entering California the underside of the rig was carefully inspected, no, not for Mexicans but for gypsy moth cocoons which it seems, might have stowed away with us having snuggled themselves aboard in New Hampshire! So as far as we know no moths are with us here in sunny Vegas J


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