In Vegas

Friday 16th March


Well we have settled ourselves for a week in “Sin City” arriving after that short but eventful (sort of a customs stop) journey plus some of the steepest inclines yet encountered. Not just steep but seemingly never ending, unfortunately I had the fuel mpg computer on and found myself checking it out as Bree continued to change down gear after gear until the sorry figure reached 4.5mpg. Wiping a tear from my cheek I then noticed just a horizontal line where those figures once were – had Bree had a heart attack or was it me? – flat lining somehow reset the computer – were we now really getting 98mpg? Ooh new life? The figures gradually became realistic again and the peak was finally reached. You know what it means when you reach your peak? – all down hill J The long run into Vegas produced a very satisfying 12mpg average and it almost completely dried my tears – at least I could see where I was going – did I tell you I’ve bought some new glasses? We are now in the RV park of Sam’s Town Casino Resort (everything is a resort over here) It’s sunny and hot (85ish degrees f) but a nice 10 degrees or so less than Laughlin!

Sam’s Town is a nice site but again all rather close to each other – we do however have room to put out our awning without touching the next camper! We are within sight of the pool so off we went for a cooling dip and a bit of relaxing. When the sun went down we changed and went off into the casino – it’s about a 3minute walk from our “front door” (did I ever mention there is only one door in Bree?). Slots, slots and more slots – however there are also; shops, bars, restaurants, theatres, bowling alley, hotel rooms and a forest – well a huge atrium with trees and other plant stuff – ask Betsy…

We watched the free show; lasers, waterfalls a bear an eagle and a wolf – will tell you when we get home, or ask Gill and Vic ‘cos we’re gonna take them! Or you could check out: Well by that time the seafood buffet was over so we decided to wait it out ‘til after 11pm when the graveyard menu becomes available – we dined on steak, 3eggs, hash browns and toast for the princely sum of $4.99 each J J

Saturday – St Paddy’s day – oh and Leo’s birthday.

After a lazy morning communicating with everyone back home we set off to check out “the strip” and to get our bearings. Vegas is a BIG town with some BIG “resorts”. We drove up to downtown and down the uptown then on to the airport to check out where to pick up our visitors when they arrive, then on to Campers World for a few essentials, returning with a BIG haul of “essentials”. Unload and straight back to that strip. We only checked out a few casino’s – oops sorry, resorts before winding our weary way back to Bree for about 1am. Not before taking in a few of the free shows – Magic in Circus Circus, Pirates outside Treasure Island, the dancing waters of the Bellagio and topping it all off with a volcano eruption outside the Mirage. In between all of that we marvelled at the marvellous “Venetian” I think the fact that there were many Irish supporters who seemed to be celebrating Leo’s birthday and it was also a weekend and the start of “spring break” meant that each 5-minute walk actually took 20 minutes to negotiate the crowds. Amongst those crowds we also noticed a number of brides – full dress and all obviously, hot foot from one of the 70 or so wedding chapels of Vegas. We’re sure there must have been grooms around too, possibly mingling with the boozy (well behaved) mob? Back to Bree – Sleeeep…

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