Rocket man

Rocket man strikes again, well it’s a good job for all of us that he didn’t actually. We went to the only surviving silo of those that were part of our “protection” during the cold war. It was the mutual nuclear annihilation that prevented either Russia or America actually firing on each other. This silo housed one of the Titan2 rocket missiles that was originally armed with a nuclear warhead 600 times more powerful than the one dropped over Hiroshima. Scary when you think there were hundreds of these and a number of silo launch sites each aimed at a strategic target and manned 24hrs a day every day of the year.

We toured topside first, now a museum to our cold war past. There is far more there now as originally it would have only been the actual sliding door to be seen. The 4 people at a time to man the silo would not have come out for the duration of their duty. We simulated a launch – it takes less than a minute, about 35 minutes from getting the order the target 6000 miles away would have been hit. The command centre personnel would not even have felt a shudder as the “room” is completely suspended on a spring system. Down below looking at the 100ft+ rocket it made us realise how fragile we all are – did all this keep us safe? Are we safer now without them? Who knows but it did make for an interesting insight into events during our lifetime.

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