Desert giants

This trip means different things to us: to Malc there has been the challenge of driving such a big “rig” –  he set out to ride as many roller coasters as possible – this is sadly not being realised as yet, he is passionate about viewing structures of all kinds and almost all things mechanical, oh and space both the travel kind and that stuff all around us. For me it’s about different environments and all those places I’ve heard of, read about, seen pictures of. We both dreamed of wide-open roads, spectacular scenery and I suppose if truth be told of being free… free to do what we wanted, when we wanted. Today on a short walk, beyond our new campsite, here in Tuscon, we realised some of those dreams. We literally walked out of the site and into the Sonora desert how cool is that? On the journey we had challenged each other to be the first to spot one of those huge cacti, you know the ones that you see with Mexican hats! All along the desert roadside, prickly pear sat defying us to ignore them, scrubby creosote trees dotted the dead looking grass but the giant cacti eluded us. As we came into the city, all thoughts of vegetation were forgotten, I was busy looking out for our exit from the highway whilst Malc was almost leaping out of his seat as we hit 11.2 miles per gallon!! and incidentally wanting to take a photo of the dashboard to prove it. We didn’t manage that, so you’ll just have to take out word for it. Anyway back to that challenge, we had come through Tuscon and were looking out for our last turn when there they were…everywhere like huge weeds, in gardens, by garages, everywhere you looked. I began clicking as if there was no tomorrow; hey these were one of the things on my list.

Frenzy over, Bree parked and lunch eaten we followed the trail that leads from the site here. For the first moments we were speechless – not a common occurrence, such a wonderful vista stretched out before us. It was almost like a carefully planted garden, no weeds just specimen plants chosen for their suitability to the environment. Huge saguaro cacti stood majestically against the mountain backdrop, just like those pictures you see, but this was for real. Standing beside these giants, some 200 years old, feeling very insignificant and listening to the wind whistle round them it was one of those moments you will never forget.

PS If you know an appropriate song, tell us and we’ll re- title this entry!

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