Tumbling tumbleweed…

Have you ever tried to photograph tumbleweed as it blows across the road you are driving along? No…well I tell you it’s dammed hard! Sunday was a beautiful sunny day but boy was it windy. So much so that Malc gave up keeping an eye on the petrol consumption as we battled against the head wind travelling westwards. Roads stretched out endlessly before us, sometimes straight other times snaking their way between the hills. Tumbleweed would have been so perfect but the wind waged its relentless battle, scuppering my attempts at recording any. We began to climb as we headed for Fort Davis, scenery rolling out before us on the open road. Lack of much traffic made it a pleasant drive and once we turned off the I-10 we really felt we were exploring new territory. Homesteads along the way, though few, ranged between humble and more substantial. The question remains..what on earth does anyone do? It seems mostly ranching, but we saw very few cattle and precious little in the way of grazing. Often the only sign of any habitation was a mailbox on the side of the road. Fort Davis is a small town, but unlike many we’ve seen it did seem to be relatively prosperous, red stone buildings warmed in the sun gave it a homely feel, but off the main street the roads were literally dirt. It is in the middle of nowhere, we are the only ones at the RV site! We took a drive along the scenic loop (75 miles long, though we didn’t do it all) and saw perhaps 5 cars during the couple of hours we were out. We almost saw more deer! Tomorrow we plan to visit the MacDonald Observatory, which stands like a sentinel high above its surroundings.


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