Play misty for me

Well we do seem to have started the musical themes – and today’s start was definitely misty and at times decidedly foggy! We are in the Texas Hill country not for long though as we journey even further west. Today’s drive from Ingram to Fort Stockton is the first hilly drive we have done on this journey so far. I think the highest elevation we reached was only 2500ft. or so but after spending something like the last month at around 5 to 18ft above sea level as we travelled Florida and the gulf coast to Texas we were definitely “head in the clouds”. Bree seemed to enjoy climbing, finding her own freedom to change down a gear or two all of her own accord – I tried to ease off as I saw the effect on the mpg computer but then there is always the other side of the coin (or hill) where going downhill – toad pushing as best he could the old mpg became very pleasing, so I won’t switch it off after all.

It’s amazing the direction the road takes, like why have they cut through that hill instead of taking what looked like a nice flat surface just a few hundred yards to the left or right? Never mind the cuttings looked very nice revealing the rock strata and reminding us at times that we were going up or down (as if Bree needed any reminders). Betsy was happy taking loads of pictures (after the first 100 miles the mist had burned off and out came the sun). We could now see in the distance and wow the horizon was covered with the windmills of a wind farm generating power for… where is everyone? it all looked empty – the odd goat or two (no Texas longhorns here) and an occasional house, however this land is becoming what we expected; desert and cacti – only the prickly pear sort so far though. To exaggerate the incongruity of the wind farm there are still the good old fashioned wild west windmills (water pumps?) dotted around here and there – where is Don Quixote when you need him? I wonder what he would have made of the nodding donkeys that also dot this landscape?

Talking of oil, did I tell you about the truck driver in front of us at our lunch stop? We pulled into a rest area (like a glorified lay-by – even with wi-fi) and the only spot to park was behind this truck that looked like it had just delivered an oil strike of its own – the driver was out sweeping up that cat litter like stuff used to soak up oil spills. I wandered over and asked what had happened. Turns out this brand new (purchased yesterday) truck had just shed the insides of its transmission – 12 gears or so with all the fluid! Only the fluid was on the road though. Chatting to the driver it turned out he had been there for 24hours and was about to be “rescued” within the next couple of hours. The truck was $1million with about another $500 000 worth of extras – he did explain it was something to do with drilling for oil. I think I digress from out journey – but thought you like to join in with everything along the way!

We got into the campsite at Fort Stockton by about 3pm, would you believe as we came out of the booking office the next rig to follow us in was a Sea Breeze – driven down from BC, Canada and as we pulled into our allotted site we were next to another Sea Breeze (almost exactly the same as ours). Hey, we’ve made some more new friends… J

Even the sun was out.


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