Singing along

If you were travelling with us, you would know that at times we’ve been singing our way along with whatever song seems appropriate, badly, most of the time as those of you who know us will testify! So recently there’s been dodgy renditions of “Davy Crocket, king of the wild frontier…Whip crack away” etc etc. Well today it would have been “What difference a day makes” Gone was the brilliant sunshine of yesterday, gone was the 75 degrees and gone too were the shorts!

This morning was grey and whilst not chilly, certainly sweatshirt weather.

We were cheered by the “post” we found on our doorstep. Harold our host here at Riverside Campground had left us some print outs he’d done. We had been explaining how we’re meeting up with friends in Las Vegas, it was a subject near to his heart, he and his wife visit four times a year. He has given us some great info on where to eat and drink cheaply, I mean real cheap! But places that he’s tried so they come recommended, together with a map showing where they are. Yet another example of how friendly and helpful we have found people to be, they just seem eager to help us folks from the old country.

We took a drive to Fredericksburg another town settled by the German pioneers, again much evidence of this in the attractive buildings and we’re told many residents still speak German. Once again we wandered into a hardware/allsorts store, Dooleys (not that we’re becoming obsessed – they’re just interesting) as we sauntered around Malc commented that this was just the kind of place you find something you didn’t know you needed and as if on cue, I did just that. How many times have you struggled to get the unmelted butter all over your corncob? This was the gadget! It looked like one of those cheese graters with the drum in the middle that you turn, well picture it with butter in the top, no drum but the curve that would fit the round cob. Perfect! However even at 98cents we passed it by, you have to have some challenges in life. We lunched at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company, sampling some of their nectar brewed on the premises. Then we continued through the town to the “Enchanted rock” (the Texan equivalent to Aussie’s Ayers rock) which is steeped in Native Indian history, but sadly the visibility was poor today so it wasn’t as spectacular as we’d hoped. Winding roads and a much craggier landscape dotted with huge stone ranch entrances in the middle of nowhere and prickly pears growing like weeds beside the road, made for an interesting ride though. Goats seemed to outnumber cattle, though this area is renowned for it’s mohair. Tomorrow we move on again, looking at the map we are heading for higher hills and desert…know any songs?  PS check out the pictures on yesterday’s blog they didn’t all upload at the time when we did it…another long story – actually only one more – do you know which one?


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