Thousand words – no picture!

Today we drove into Austin the state capitol; we didn’t know what to expect but as we approached and viewed the high-rise skyline from the 6 lane interstate highway, (3 lanes on the I-35 and 3 lanes on the parallel 35…new and old!) I think we felt it would be a frantic, concrete jungle. However we were pleasantly surprised to find a graceful city getting on with its business in a dignified way. Tall modern edifices reaching eagerly for the blue sky, alongside the ornate facades of buildings with a rich history. Apart from its governmental role, Austin is the “music capitol of the world” having spawned greats like Janis Joplin and Willie Nelson.  Remember the horses in Ocala, well here it was guitars sitting where you least expected them. Giant 6ft fibreglass instruments decorated by local artists. We did take lots of piccies – you know us, but unfortunately I hadn’t put the memory card back in the camera after downloading last night. We still have the piccies but they are trapped within the confines of the cameras memory and as we don’t have a download cable with us, there they shall remain until we return home. It is a pity because we can’t share a very special moment with you. We found our way to the capitol building – which looks much like the one in Washington DC – and were surprised when we found how “open “ it was. Unfortunately we can’t show you: the wonderful entrance rotunda, the state treasury, the senate chamber, or the amazing school choir that happened to be there on a visit from Dallas who sang so movingly in the rotunda. It was as they say “awesome’ lump in the throat stuff, especially when they sang Star spangled banner with their hands on their hearts and seemed to mean every word of it. With an average age of about 16, well turned out, the boys in tuxedos and the girls in dark green/black long dresses, they filled the the rotunda with their melodious voices.

We’re here for a week so we plan to go back and visit some of the museums.

Oh yes parking was free and although we didn’t we could have hopped on a “Dillo” for free too. Answers on a post card… this link shows the capitol building



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