Episode 2

We both have a list of “must sees” and for Malc South Beach Miami is one, and as Leo has spent some time working in the area with a group of sailors, he once again took the wheel when we headed north east. His local knowledge and cool head behind the wheel in this vast metropolitan tangle was welcome. I’m sure there are parts of the city people enter never to be seen again, but our impression was very favourable since we kept as far from downtown as we could! Once we got to South Beach down the very busy A1A, we literally headed for the beach, where colourful lifeguard stations dotted the sand. Leo & Nat kept their eyes peeled for the Miami Ink tattoo parlour from the TV series, Malc had his architectural head on photographing the Art Deco buildings. And we all looked out for locations from the opening shots of Miami CSI. We also found Lincoln Avenue and its array of shops, which by night became alive with dozens of pavement restaurants through its centre. People watching was a must, where else will we see guys in sequin Bermudas, or the girl who seemed to spend all her time skating/dancing up and down weaving in and out of the crowds in time to her favourite I pod track? Shopped out, we then went to Coral Gables just to the south of the city, where we ate as much as we liked in an Argentinean Restaurant. Another meal to remember!

Poorer, tired, but full, we returned to the campsite at Hollywood (Miami) and Bree, next morning we were on the move again. We kept the kids occupied with an Eye Spy for the journey, though the stiff competition between them nearly got out of hand.

This time we headed North, back towards Orlando. The week was nearing its end, but there was still the finale. On our earlier visit to Disney (New Years Eve) we had booked seats for Cirque du Soleil

http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/CirqueDuSoleil/en/showstickets/lanouba/intro/intro.htm Take a peek. However eloquent the words, it would be hard to convey the quality and excitement of the performance. For those of you who have seen them on TV it’s just “awesome” for real. The high wire act had our hearts in our mouths; the tiny girls with their diablos were enchanting and incredibly perfect. The tumblers reached incredible heights, and performed at breakneck speeds. The stage was alive with performers for the whole hour and a half, so much so it was a dilemma choosing what to watch. A great score and fantastic costumes paled against the talent and stamina of the artists. A great show!

A late night was followed by a very early start next morning as we got up at 5am to drive Leo & Nat to the airport, their holiday sadly over.

Our story continues…

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