Yes it was Christmas



Well we’re finally back in circulation: apologies to all of you loyal followers for the break in transmission! It’s been a mixture of being busy, seeing family and not having any wireless connection. However the camera functioned perfectly so there are many, many, many photos that we could bore you with, but we’ve chosen just a few to enable you to share our festive season. We had travelled to Fort Myers, which was much larger and busier than either of us expected. Ross and Karen had flown out to spend Xmas in the sun at Karen’s parents place.

Let’s begin with the most unusual part…deep fried turkey on Xmas day! Yes, you read it right, deep fried turkey. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, we have noticed huge pans in the shops and smiled to ourselves at the thought of frying a whole turkey, all that oil…can’t be healthy… how strange…

Well I have to report that the operation went smoothly, the first 16lb bird was done in an hour, swiftly followed by a second of similar size. Look at the photos if you are a non believer, they begin with the said bird being injected with gravy, the temperature of the oil seals the skin and keeps the gravy in, keeps the meat moist! (even the vegetarians amongst the assembled crowd partook, so it must have been good!) Xmas lunch was good, though the storm that blew through wrecked the tree that had stood so proudly beside the pool on the patio. Was this really Florida? Well they do have hurricanes here I suppose. I think we had a mini one for 10 mins. on Xmas day.

We left Malcolm’s (yes another, Karen’s dad is a Malcolm too) driveway and headed north to Orlando, not to meet Mickey, but to collect Leo and Nat who had flown down from Halifax to spend a week “on the road” with us. Our introduction to this fantasy city was spending 1 hour to travel 8 miles on the way to the airport…time to find an alternative route…toll or no toll! We had booked into a campsite called “Mouse Mountain” – what else? and having successfully collected the kids we began a hectic week. Nat had bought tickets for New Years Eve at Fantasy Island, which is the nightclub area of Disney. I have to say we were very flattered that they thought we of somewhat superior age would fit in…actually it was a real mixed bag of age, race and gender! And a great time was had by all. Our tickets meant we could wander between different clubs…adventure, comedy, hip-hop, rock n’ roll, and techo with spinnng dance floor, 70’s-80’s, and the various entertainers all through the street party. I think we maintained the “Thornley Party ethos”

Food, as well as champagne at midnight was included and of course, the traditional Disney Firework display. It was certainly a new year to remember. However we were up bright and early next morning heading south to the Everglades.


One response to “Yes it was Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!Long time without new pics and info…Now I see 🙂

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