Grins and girls!



Yesterday we had planned on moving South eventually to Dayton Beach, but as we’re still novices who aren’t into doing hundreds of miles in one go, we planned to stop about half way to split the journey into two 160 ish mile chunks. OK I know – wimps. We were ready and on the road by 10.30. The journey was good, being Sunday the road was relatively quiet and when we stopped for lunch (and for Malc to move around a bit to get the blood flowing again!) he suggested that we should consider going the whole distance. This filled me with dread… it would mean 6 hours of driving and arriving at the camp site in the dark, both of which we had said we would never do. Perhaps he’s not such a novice after all. I consulted my “Next exit” directory, a brill book that tells you what is available close to every exit on every US  State route and more importantly if the petrol stations are RVable and whether this a Wal-Mart or Crackerbarrel (free overnight stop) so that if he changed his mind we had a contingency plan. Incidentally I don’t think he’s shouted at me for at least 2-3 days…maybe I’m improving.

We did the whole journey, mostly without too much stress, apart from one area of road works where it was down to two lanes with a high concrete wall on the right. A large truck, you know the sort, decided to overtake and seemed to be running us into that wall, but we’re still unscathed. Oh yes there were a couple of bridges too, but I don’t think I’ll ever relax on them, but the seat cover might end up with holes in it from my extra gripping.

We did arrive in the dark, missed the entrance, had to go a couple of miles up an inky black side road to turn round, then there was no one at the site to book us in. So we picked a spot and parked. Some interesting neighbours though, we’ve had to buy a dashboard Xmas tree just to keep up with the “Jones’s”.

Today the largest grin was on Malc’s face as he took toad onto Daytona Beach. This was one of his “to do” things I think. In his mind I’m sure he’d driven that sandy road with the best of them, accelerating, foot down hard on the turn, sending clouds of sand flying high. After all toad is 4 wheel drive, it’s what he’s made for. Alas there is a speed limit, which you can see in today’s photos, so it perhaps wasn’t as spectacular as he’d imagined. I think just being here and being able to do it was a real experience though.

We then literally drove right to the end of the road. Very Florida I have to say, palm trees everywhere very lush and green, lots of condos, at the end is Ponce Lighthouse…no kidding! There’s a Ponce Police Force too. It’s apparently the second highest lighthouse in the whole of America. However the highlight for me wasn’t the lighthouse but what we came across just behind it. The area is shallow marsh/wet lands and teeming with birds. There were loads of pelicans wading and sunbathing. Check out the photos Malc obviously hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to chatting up the birds!

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