Whirligigs & Tobacco

Saturday 25th


Today dawned silent and sunny, a beautiful peaceful morning. This is what it’s all about! We breakfasted on pancakes and maple syrup…what else? We had come here in search of another eccentric America entry, so we set off in toad (every day we have congratulated ourselves on the choice of a motorhome and car because of the versatility) to drive the few miles to Vollis Simpson’s Whirligig Farm. Sounds improbable eh? Normally these massive metal contraptions, some 6 stories high, would be a riot of colour and sound.

“The cacophony of jangling and clinking metal, pie pans, ice cream scoops, old signs and bicycle wheels turn the field into a menagerie of laughing giants.”

Guess what? Not a breath of wind…too much last week on the bridge when we didn’t want it, now none at all when we needed some!!

Nonetheless, they were eccentric.

From there we visited the Tobacco Farm Museum. This proved to be fascinating and gave us a real insight into the world of tobacco growing past and present. In the 1950’s one acre of tobacco would require something like 600 man hours from seed to crop, today it’s more like 35. It also gave meaning to “Golden Leaf” it truly is a cash crop in this area. We saw more cotton fields too, no tobacco though as it’s all been harvested and sold by November.

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