Can’t get near the “Bush”

Wednesday 23rd November

As I sit here writing today’s blog it is pouring with rain, there is an enormous storm making its way up the eastern seaboard and at this point in time it’s hovering over Washington DC. The weather channel has become crucial watching for us; the bridge we plan to use tomorrow when we move on, is closed to campers today because of high winds…RV Flying we aint! The storm has caused havoc further down the coast and has left floodwaters in its wake. Today, the day before Thanksgiving is one of the worst days to travel anywhere in the US as an estimated 38 million people take to the roads and airways, homeward bound for the biggest family celebration of the year. (Hope you got out of Atlanta OK Leo!) We had intended to return to Washington today, but until the deluge passes we’ve spent time “at home” on route planning and booking our next stop. We’re banking on the roads being quieter than usual tomorrow as everyone tucks into their turkey.

Yesterday we had a great day in the city, it was crisp and cold but bright and sunny as you will see in the photos…there was loads to keep Malc happy; sculptures galore, magnificent buildings old and new. The sheer size of them sitting majestically along the vast Mall was overwhelming; gone was the claustrophobic noisy, high rise of the big apple, here there is space and serenity. We got as close as we could to the White House, and although there didn’t seem to be many police around we are in the FBI city, they say you’re never sure if the people with cameras are all tourists, the lady with the buggy actually has a baby in there, the guys playing hockey are only doing just that? –  so who knows?  We chose to visit The National Museum of the American Indian, and the National Air and Space Museum, Both were fascinating but we did finally reach overload.

The restaurant in the National Museum of the American Indian came highly recommended by a couple of “new RV friends” (don’t worry back home, we know where our allegiance lies!) that we got chatting to. What a find… we dined on indigenous American foods from different regions. Have you ever tried –

Purple chilli potatoes, wild scarlet runner beans cooked with dandelion greens, prickly pear, cucumber & corn salad, yucca and tamatolli salad, or Indian pie (a sweet pudding made with corn meal, molasses and fruit). The corn by the way has been stripped of their husks but is about ½” across. It all was yet another new experience.

Tomorrow we resume our journey south via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and hopefully towards some better weather – eventually.


For those of you without the expertise of the FBI there are some extra pic’s in the “arty farty” folder.


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