A short hairy trip

Monday 20th November

I woke at 6:45 and felt great… didn’t have to jump in the shower and get ready for work! Turned over, warm and cosy. We did eventually get up, not too late, about 8am.

After breakfast we packed and stowed stuff away, very chilly this morning. Last night’s forecast mentioned snow flurries – definitely heading in the right direction, south; even Florida is unseasonably cool at the moment!

We were both apprehensive as we pulled away not knowing what was ahead of us, even though it was only a short hop of 100 miles or so. Yes we have come for the adventure, but we’re only 4 days in and still a bit green. Thankfully we didn’t leave anything connected; water, black tank, grey tank, cable TV, no levellers left down, toad attached safely. After successfully negotiating a re- fuelling stop, we were on our way and then the fun started! Let me say at the outset we made no mistakes today, we did not miss any exits, we did not get lost, so we feel quite pleased with ourselves!! However there were hairy moments, crazy drivers and the blood pressure was up…who said this was a holiday? We have often said how poor the signage is on British roads, you get a sign fine, then nothing else for miles. Quite the opposite here: sign overload together with the fact that the roads have more than one name. There is the National Highway number, State Route number etc etc, all very confusing and they’re all up there on the signs. Mary was superb today, except when she lost power just at a vital moment * tip – make sure your inverter is properly connected when you set off! Anyway we’re here, seems a great site lots of amenities though I don’t fancy the hot tub now I’ve seen it!

Looking forward to going into Washington DC tomorrow to explore.


HANDY HINT – all the pictures are titled in the “blog pictures” file. If you start it up then click backwards to view the last ones we have posted – enjoy.

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