A A Amish

Sunday 19th Nov

A very restful night following our first proper camp stop. The bus is fulfilling all our expectations so far, she’s comfortable, cosy and has everything we need. The campsite was very busy last night, probably because it was the w/e. The photos show how well Malc managed to manoeuvre into our spot. Eat you heart out Reginald Molehusband! Some of our “neighbours” are very interesting, but we didn’t make any new friends!

We set off today in the “toad” to explore our surroundings. The area is a real dichotomy, consumerist paradise on the one hand with every factory outlet store you could name along the main highway, but take the back roads and you are whisked back in time. Huge farmsteads, towns with names like Paradise and Intercourse, (Intercourse was worth it, Paradise was disappointing!)  quaint horse drawn buggies, hitching poles line the main streets and immaculately dressed Amish walk purposefully along the roads with equally immaculately dressed children. Tiny boys with huge black hats swallowing their little heads, girls with starched white bonnets and aprons. There aren’t any photos, it just seemed that would be an invasion.

Strasburg has houses dating back to the 1700’s placing this part of USA firmly in its history. It is touristy, but you get the feeling it’s controlled and somehow more acceptable than the Reebok outlets and the Wal-Marts. It must take great perseverance to maintain one’s beliefs in this day and age.

We rounded the day off driving around the market town of Lancaster but as today is Sunday not much was open so a return to the campsite took us “home” for dinner and to plan out our route for tomorrow. Off we go again…


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