Ready and waiting

Saturday 14th October

At last! We were both excited this morning and despite being woken at something like 5.30 am by the cat, we were up bright and breezy. Just like the morning, the kind I love at home, bright, crisp and new. Just how crisp, we discovered as we came to leave and Malc had to scrape the frost off the car! We really need to be leaving for warmer climes right now, we’ve been warned to expect snow when we return at the beginning of November, something neither of us want for our first journey, but equally something we have no control over.


We had a good journey down to the dealership; the roads lined with sentinels clad with the last of their autumn wardrobe, the golds radiant in the early morning sunshine. Low cloud and rising mists over the lakes as the land gave up its sparkling night blanket.

Full of anticipation we arrived to find our new home gleaming in the sun, it too, eager to get going. Phil the engineer, was the kind of chap who knew these vehicles inside out, he should, he’s been looking after them for 22 years.

Methodically he went through all the systems, switches, motors, tanks…black,grey,propane, flushing this, priming that. Levelling this, checking that etc etc. Steady and assured he made it all seem straightforward. (Don’t worry, I videoed it all so we can refer back to our “live manual”) It took about 2 hours in all.

So there she is (why is it always a her?) new convection cooker, new oil, new batteries, new hoses, washed and brushed up, just the carpets left to be shampooed next week. She just feels right, of all we looked at she was the one and here she was standing proud and ready. We think we’re going to have a whale of a time. Are you ready to join us?  

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