A lesson in recycling

Friday 13th October

Happy Birthday mum – filling our thoughts today


Yesterday saw us heading back north to the glorious natural colours of North Conway, the fall has peeked this week, though an angry storm on Wednesday night did its best to strip the trees of their warming autumn foliage.

It was a drive of contrasts, as we left the grey Cape the sea was still simmering after last night’s storm. The sun began to peak through as if to say “Don’t go yet, I’m still here” but our minds were made up. We enjoyed our few days there; it was very like home, comfortable like a favourite coat, yet refreshing like a cool drink on a hot day.

With trepidation in my heart we headed towards Boston, Oh, how I hate those snaking roads filled with rivers of cars drawn to the epicentre of the city. Lorries bigger than houses, with square cross faces looming down on you from behind. Multiple lanes, some diving down under the city, to continue snaking at high speed through the bowels of Boston. God help you if you take the wrong exit! Gladly we didn’t and we emerged unharmed and unphased (well Malc was! personally I was a little hot!) on State Route 93. Still I suppose its good practice for all those other cities out there.

I had Mary, (silently), plan our route via another site from Eccentric America. It could have been rather disappointing like the big blue bug, but we’d decided we’d give it a try.

Ever thought of building a house out of newspaper? Not a little house…one you could actually live in. And then make all the furniture out of newspaper too! Ever thought that if you did, it could last for 80 years?  No?…Ye of little faith.

You should take a look at “The Paper House” in Rockport Maine.  The story of how a couple did this is shown in the photos below, I think it takes recycling to a higher order.


PS Saw several Day Nurseries in the Rockport area, not unusual I hear you say…well these were for your dog!! Again – not unusual – for here!

Tomorrow we’re booked for our “orientation” of the motor home; think we’ll take the video camera as it’s supposed to take 4 hours!


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