To the Cape

Friday 6th October


After more bargain hunting for equipment for the RV (we’re nearly there now you’ll be relieved to know!) we left Conway at about 7pm, with Trish and headed for the “Cape”. Doug had flown to Dallas on Wednesday, for a meeting on Thursday and was going to meet us at the “Condo” Friday evening. Just another of those short little trips that he undertakes in the course of earning a daily crust. The journey down was reasonably smooth, just a couple of glitches with Mary. For the first couple of hours we passed virtually nose to tail traffic on the opposite side of the road travelling north to Mt. Washington valley for the w/e. It’s Columbus Day week end, a bank holiday over here. So the cars snaking north were full of “leaf peepers” going to catch the spectacular fall foliage. Our journey, took about four hours so it was inky black when we arrived, the cape remained hidden until next morning.

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