Island Daze

Sunday 8th October


Another beautiful morning saw us up early and on our way to one of the numerous ferries that feed the surrounding islands. Being a bank holiday everywhere was busy – even early in the morning. The car park that serves the ferry was full – but no matter. We were given directions to the overflow car park…also full! More directions and at last a space plus a bus service to take us back to the ferry. Such organisation.

The crossing was only an hour, oh for a badge that says “I’M NOT ON A TOUR BUS”…. thank heavens! If you can picture the typical American on tour you are seeing what we saw. However my hair colour was right!


We travelled to Martha’s Vineyard as foot passengers which meant we could explore the island on the excellent local bus service. I say excellent because, as we travelled the highways and byways, looking to make connections to other route, the driver was in constant touch with other drivers..”I have ten Passengers here for Gay Head” That will be fine I will wait or them” Yes there is a headland, with cliffs much like the Isle of Wight, that is called Gay Head. It is in fact owned by Indians and is also known as Aqinnah.

We had unfortunately arrived simultaneously with the disgorging of two cruise ships that were anchored off shore…more badges, more tour reps, but hey it’s business for the island and this was the last week end of the season.

The island was a mix of very English looking countryside and quaint harbours with beautiful wooden houses. Fishing is big, sailing is big, but at the end of the day people live and work on the island. People like us, people like you. We left as the sun slipped behind that green ribbon, painting the sky the most wonderful gold. How I wish I could paint.

The car was dusted with frost when we got back…it really is time to go South.


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