How we did it.

Tuesday 26th Sept.

I know, you all thought we were having such a good time here that we had forgotten to go out and buy an RV.


We did it!

The vehicle is a National Sea Breeze (aptly named as we intend to do some RVsailing so the Sea Breeze will do nicely). It is the 8341LX model only 3yrs old with 14700 miles on the clock, one previous owner.

35ft long by 8ft 6” wide

It’s the Chevy engine with the Allison transmission (overdrive and cruise control) built on the Workhorse chassis – in case you were wondering! You can check out the latest models here:  (it’s OK girls it’s all gobbledegook to me too, you don’t have to look up anything, just look at our pictures below!)

We got it from a dealer just over the state line in Maine and only one hour away from here. There are a couple of things we have negotiated for the dealer to do which is going to take a couple of weeks. That gives us time to sort out the actual payment for our “new home” and me chance to fit the bits and pieces to the car ready for it to be towed. So all in all, apart from collecting it, we won’t be going anywhere in it before flying home for the wedding.

Doing the actual deal took a while what with checking out every drawer, cupboard, light etc. not to mention a few mechanical bits and pieces then trying to get various other things in with the price. Obviously a test drive was the order of the day – Doug had come down with us as our RV consultant and as his friend Brian was in the area he turned up to have a look so I set off to drive out of the dealership with; Betsy, Doug, Brian and Chuck (the dealer) all settled in the various seats beside and behind me. Hey – it’s easy really! Well on nice straight roads anyway, it did feel right and Chuck seemed quite at ease as I had told him I was quite experienced at driving motorhomes J

At least until he reminded me the speed limit was 55! – only a bit over and it’s hard to look at the speedo when you are concentrating on keeping between the yellow line in the centre of the road and the white one on the edge. We all got back safely after negotiating a turn round in the Post Office car park. Can’t wait for the real thing – all ours and on tour…

Today we just “window shopped” making a list of everything we need to live in our new home.

(It’s light and airy inside; the soft furnishings are about as subtle as you get in an American RV! The mirrors aren’t engraved with patterns flowers or anything else! There’s loads of storage and it feels just right. It’s empty…so we get to go shopping!)


Tonight was a new moon – new beginning?

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