Tiaras and tantrums without the tiaras

Friday  22rd September


Here we are a month in and believe it or not some progress has been made, but more of that later.

Friday was a day which was shadowed with frustration but which ended with a flourish.

We were going to do some errands so we got into the car and were very perplexed when it didn’t start…oh dear what had we bought? Was this our first mistake? What was wrong? it had been fine up to now. We did get started with the aid of a booster and off we went. However we had trouble all day with it. I will spare you all the little details; suffice it to say Malc had checked all the possibilities throughout the day and he was becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to trouble shoot it. As most of you know he’s good with cars but this had him foxed. He even read the manual, which most of you will know is unheard of!

Finally he was reduced to ringing the chap we bought it from just in case there was some little idiosyncrasy that had not been shared. This went against the grain, but having exhausted all he logical possibilities it was a last resort.

Rob, the previous owner, was devastated to think there was a problem and was genuinely worried, but couldn’t make any suggestions. They are very honourable here!

He suggested we take it to the garage that knew the car and have it checked; it was about 6pm by this time.

However as it turned out this wasn’t necessary. Rob came to our rescue with a return call; he’d remembered that his wife had had a similar problem when they first got the car. I’m tempted to say suggestions on a post card…but you would never get this one.

Apparently as a safety precaution, cars over here that are not automatic will not start unless you have the clutch fully down to the floor. It was a eureka moment!


Well that’s the frustration…the flourish came at the end of the day when we dined at the “Lobster Pot” restaurant and Malc was in his element with a huge seafood platter; lobster, jumbo (that really does mean big) prawns, scallops, mussels, clams, snow crab and haddock all served on a bed of linguini with a tomato sauce – Mmmm! Did realise we should never go out without the camera so you will just have to visualise this one!

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