RV’s and Turkeys…

Sunday 24th September

After a hearty breakfast we headed south into Boston on our own. We didn’t even take Mary as Malc said he could remember the way from D&T’s directions and a look at the map before we set off. This was not something I was keen on doing, even with Mary. However all went well and we found our way to the RV show we wanted to visit. My how the other half live!! One rig had a 23’ slide out (the whole side of the vehicle slides out hydraulically to give more room when you are parked) it meant this motor home had 324sq.ft. of living space – it came with disco lights too – we thought that would impress our friends when they come to stay!! However we didn’t buy, even with the show discount it worked out at about £250,000 worth!

From the show (just south of the city) we drove home (North Conway) stopping off at a place called “Harts Turkey Farm Restaurant” – guess what, they specialise in turkey dinners, a few facts:

  • They can seat up to 500 people.
  • On a busy day they serve over a ton of turkey
  • 1000lbs of fresh potatoes
  • 4000 dinner rolls
  • over 100 pies (who ate all of those?)

Hey, check out: www.hartsturkeyfarm.com


Going back to look at that RV tomorrow…


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