First good run in OUR car

Saturday 23rd September

With Mary’s (remember the GPS) help we set off for Boston where we were going to meet up with D&T at Trish’s sisters house (they had driven down on Fri night in the RV, which was  to be our hotel for the night on Sat)

We had plotted a route which took in some RV dealers on the way, Saturday dawned wet and miserable… a good day to view? as we could spot leaks! We have been in several rigs now and we have become quite good at knowing whether the motor home is right or not as soon as we climb inside. It seemed it was the same old story, yes the living space is great, but the bedroom is squashed, the previous owner was a smoker, etc etc. Well, we have found one that we both feel good about, but being cautious we didn’t make any hasty decisions. I can hear your voices saying ”For god’s sake just get on with it!” watch this space… We got down to Boston and found the address, no problem – thanks Mary.

After a lively and enjoyable evening which included a visit to see James and his girlfriend (James is D&T’s son who lives in Boston, he has just moved into a flat in an old house with his girlfriend) we retired to the house on wheels parked in the drive back at ‘Trish’s sister’s – see with one of these things you can go visiting even if people haven’t got room to put you up – you bring your own home with you!


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