Snow on the mountain

Thursday 21st September

Today we took time to explore our surroundings a little more, we drove through the majestic Presidential range and climbed slowly to the highest settlement in the mountains, Bethlehem.

All along the route the blanket of trees that clothe the slopes are showing signs of Autumn as they surrender to the falling nightime temperatures that cause the famous hues, the yellows and reds are slowly capturing the greens. It must be close to the time for buying an RV to leave and head south! Forests full of many kinds of trees are rich and thick, tall proud pines, patchwork maples, silver birch with delicate leaves and snowy trunks. Here and there as in Crawfords Notch* impossibly steep waterfalls rush and tumble down, picking their way through the granite rocky terrain. The snow topped Mt Washington was bathed in sunshine as it stood rising almost benevolently above its family of mountains protecting the valleys below. The observatory stood shining on the summit, testimony to man’s tenacity.

Bethlehem though sunny was quite chilly, its main street was lined with some of the largest houses we’ve seen so far. Their granite foundations comforting in this state of shingles and timber. The Bethlehem golf club stretched its velvet lawns on either side of the road, golf carts were lined up like soldiers on parade.

There was a small theatre sitting incongruously but comfortably amid the shops and restaurants.

We lunched on egg and cheese bagels in a delightful coffee shop who’s walls were lined with striking photographs taken by the host.

Refreshed we returned to North Conway and to “chores”. The car needed to be “tested”, so we took it to an approved station hoping, like we always do at home, that all would be well. It came as somewhat of a surprise when the lady behind the counter came over and called “Put your lights on… directionals…put it into reverse…” and then walked away. One of the mechanics then jacked it up and peered underneath… and that was it, $40 and 15 mins …done!

So now we’re fully legal.

We have begun a new album today, have a look and “Smile with us.”


      *a narrow cutting through the mountains.


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