Spit and Polish

Wednesday 20th September


Up bright and early, Malc set about correcting yesterday’s wrongs. Well the super efficient Gov. dept couldn’t help “Computers are down!” We wanted to avoid another 4 hour round trip at all costs and after a series of calls they eventually agreed to allow us to fax the hand corrected documents back to them so they could put their records straight before issuing the registration document to us (2-3 weeks).

Insurance cover next – even though it’s not compulsory in New Hampshire and we are now independently mobile!

Spent the afternoon pampering our new vehicle, cleaning and making it ours – just wonder how long a similar scenario would take on a 35’ish RV if we ever find one to suit…

Whilst in Wal Mart collecting pampering materials for the car we came across what could be our second entry to our own Eccentric America book – “Fall fashions for pampered pooches” these include some cheeky little T shirts or perhaps a matching dog carrier. Or for the more fashion conscious Fido there are denim or leather outfits. see photos, the items in the $1.97 rack are Halloween costumes for pets! …only in America!

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