Mind Body and Soul

Monday 18th Sept.


Checking out the old online banking confirmed the money had left our account to pay for the car. Where does that money go? (My guess is it goes to the planet where all the odd socks end up!)Strangely enough the bank says it can take up to 5 days to transfer – is it someone with a suitcase of cash who walks from bank to bank? Strange when I can make a purchase on line, pay for it within a few seconds and even receive the goods the next day – wow banks are wonderful at looking after your money!

Anyway we thought we would sort out everything we need to register and license the car when we eventually get it.

Doug went off to do some errands on his Gold Wing, leaving us the car for the rest of the day. Route 16 south is a road we have travelled a few times and I had noticed a motorhome for sale so we went to investigate. Turned out to be a 40’ diesel pusher, rather nice but rather expensive (and a bit bigger than I think I can handle!). The owner had bought it to live in whilst he had a new house built after his previous house had burnt down – after five months and the house wasn’t built his wife said either the motorhome went or she did. I was surprised he wanted to sell…

Anyway the drive turned into a relaxing sightseeing circular tour, we stopped at Chocorua lake further on down route 16. Just a calming area looking up to the White Mountain range beyond then on doubling back through Madison. Hey Jono, how would you like to work in their Police Dept? – see the building!

Back in North Conway we stopped at one of the many outlet stores, Brookstone. They sell all sorts of gadgets http://www.brookstone.com/  (Check out the isiphonic chair, the full massage programme takes 15 mins- we both tried it out for the full 15 mins each; desperately trying not to make embarrassing rapturous noises!)We ended up with a car seat cover that you plug in, it gives you a massage and it’s heated – to be used in car and RV (we will get one) and a shiatsu massaging pillow – I am sure there will be a way of fixing it to the car seat too – maybe not a good idea though! Just thinking ahead of needing a good relaxing massage after a long hard day sitting by the lake (or even after driving for a long day in that elusive RV!!) Also came out with a CD of “music to enhance concentration” – so we really are all set now.


Hey – guess what – email when we got home, from the guy we bought the car off. The money has been transferred (I always said today’s banks are great!) He’s delivering the car in the morning. So tomorrow we are off to Concord,(just 2 hours away) the state capitol to register the car in our name and get the license plates – remember they will belong to us, not the car!

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