Woof woof

Saturday 16th September

Happy Birthday Arthur, hope you have a good day.



Holly’s big day today – you may remember she is a rescue dog and like all charitable organisations the rescue needs to be funded. Today was “Bark in the Park” Dogs have been sponsored to walk/jump/bark/catch balls and all kinds of doggie activities!

Hey – on the way to the park I noticed the plate on a parked car – VERITAS (don’t worry I’ll find out the truth!).

Well, there were probably 200 dogs in the park today (not all rescue but this is a serious dog loving community) they were all impeccably behaved, obviously well cared for and a great deal of fun was had by all. Holly did herself proud she and her team, 4 in all, raised the second largest amount. She was awarded a $50 pet shop voucher and an engraved dog treat glass full of goodies.

Every dog that did the walk got a new collar and lead, the obligatory kerchief and each owner an embroidered gilet. I said they were a dog loving community didn’t I?

Note the dog in the bikini top and shorts!


After lunch we headed south to Canobie Lake, this was to begin to tick off one of Malc’s lists for America. This was one of Doug’s “Oh it’s not far, just 2 hours” – everything is just 2 hours from Doug’s house- we should have this continent done in no time!)

Anyway Malc’s list: you may remember he aims to ride as many roller coasters as he can.

Canobie was an excellent place to start as they have one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the country. http://www.canobie.com/rides.php I think it just looked rickety and not in a safe or quaint way either!

Malc & Doug had fun on the rides and like all boys had to fill up on food and drink before they rode the corkscrew! We girls people watched and tried the more sedate sideshows.

If you have ever tried to take photos with an aging digital camera in the same way as a normal one, you will know that it takes a second or two for the camera to save the image before you can click to take the next one. Add to that, the speed of some of the rides and you will hopefully appreciate my tricky situation. Please bare this in mind when you view the photos below… It’s not “Where’s Wally? More a case of “Where’s Malc?”


It was late when we arrived back in North Conway, rather tired after a busy day. The “camper” was still in the camp site across the road, so like two children allowed to camp in the back garden for the very first time we marvelled at the stars and climbed in. When Malc had finally satisfied himself that he knew what every switch on board did, we settled into the very comfy bed to watch a DVD.

I fell asleep almost immediately, fascinating though Jack Nicholson was.

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