Sunday 17th September

Happy birthday Ross, enjoy your day.



It would make good reading to say that there were animal noises in the night or that something unexpected and terrifying happened during the sleeping hours, but apart from a momentarily unidentified hummm that turned out to be the fridge, there was nothing. We woke refreshed and normal (Ok we’ve never been that but try to imagine it). We tried out the shower which has such a powerful extract I practically had to hold on to the towel rail to stop myself being sucked through the roof (Ok don’t try to imagine that, it wouldn’t be a pretty site!)

The camper is spacious and comfortable; hopefully we will find one that suits our purpose too.

Hoses stowed and slide outs in “Rexhallibus*” made its way back to its storage spot, hopefully content at having had a little airing.

To round off the day Doug and Malc completed the steps at the front – picture tomorrow as it was dark by the time they finished!



* Rexhallibus is a play on the make of Doug & Trish’s motorhome – Rexhall Aerbus.

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