Learning curve

Friday 15th September

     Today’s been a learning day…

First we learnt that on line banking doesn’t always work! Not when it includes international transactions anyway. It took nearly two hours and a couple of telephone calls back to the UK before we actually managed to pay for the car we bought yesterday…well, we set the wheels in motion. The payment won’t actually be made ’til Monday and won’t be cleared until maybe Wednesday or Thursday. Still it was good practice for when we make the really big purchase.

 By the way, forgot to tell you yesterday about the “road tax” system…here you register a car according to the owners birthday, not the age of the car! We bought the car yesterday, when we register it, that registration lasts until Malc’s birthday and is then renewed annually. How crazy is that? The licence plate you are issued with registration is yours and stays with you, when you sell the car the plate stays with you. For a little extra you can choose any 7 letters/numbers for your plate providing nobody else already has them. Hence Doug has RVING on his motor home and RVING2 on his tow car. Now that’s “cool”

Suggestions for our plate on a postcard … (an email will do)

 Next Malc learnt some more about RV’s. (mainly that it’s not all beautiful sunsets and deserted beaches, but cleaning and tank emptying etc)

 He went with Doug to pick up his RV that had just had two new tyres fitted and then they went to weigh it!! Not sure why, but they did, then they weighed the car it usually tows probably for the same unknown reason. Malc then got to drive it with the car in tow and made his first RV stop at a Wal-Mart. (they called in to buy cleaning materials)

After that they brought it back here and washed it, no mean feat I can tell you. Not something you want to do too often. But it did look good when it was finished.

Then they took it across to the camp site over the road so we could practice parking it and setting it up. I bet not many first timers get the expert tuition we have had.

 We have set up a new album today too, food rated not with * or ** but with m, or mm, or even mmm. So follow the tastes with us…




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