Start small

Thursday 14th September


Well, for all of you out there who are getting bored ‘cos nothings happening – today we finally did something!!


No, we didn’t get round to buying the RV, but we did buy a car. This means we can now get around independently, and it also means we have a tow vehicle to pull behind the RV when we get that. All this means we will be a 34/38ft RV plus another 14/15ft of car, plus the connection bit in between– SCARY! But everyone says you don’t know you have it behind you. Having seen and heard about this 80 yr and old that 90 yr old buying a forty footer and taking off for California I think if they can do it so can we!

We will be able to park the RV in camp/RV site and then go of exploring in the car. Some routes we might want to take will not be suitable for an RV, so this will make things easier.

It was a lot more comfortable buying a car, as Malc has a lot of experience doing that! As for me, well it’s a nice colour – dark green. For all you boys – who probably aren’t reading this but are getting the gist relayed to you – it’s a Subaru Forester. I know how much it weighs, 3370 lbs* (crucial knowledge when you want to tow.)

* one really good thing is that they’re still in pounds/gallons/miles over here! However buying a pint of cherry tomatoes is still a bit strange.

We are now in the process of transferring funds to pay for the car – you all know Malc, he’s not going to pay a penny or a cent over the odds, so it could be a complicated transaction.

Picture to follow when it’s actually ours.

Thank you all for your patience! – RV to follow (well it’ll be in front when we do get going!)


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