On the road again

Wednesday 13th September


Not a great deal to report to all you hungry readers, yesterday Tuesday we drove to an RV dealer in Rockford Maine (not far just about 3hours away!) to look at a particular vehicle that we thought was a good buy. The trusting dealer offered us a test drive, we must have looked honest I suppose. Anyway the dealership was on a long straight road – great. Malc took the helm so to speak and pulled out onto the road as soon as a lo…ng space became available. These are big beasts, this one was 34ft long 8ft 6 wide and about 10 tons so in actual fact on the small side! So far so good. Renee( the dealer, a French Canadian) had said there are plenty of places to turn round, well there probably were but we seemed to miss many of them. Eventually we did find one and with Doug’s expert advice Malc did indeed turn it round and we headed back to the dealership. Fine, Malc liked how it handled, driving position was good. I felt dwarfed in the passenger seat, I had to lean forward to reach the dash in front of me. Ok, look out for the sign where we have to turn back in… here it is coming up… it’s coming up now… Oh no not going to make it… have to keep going. And with that we sailed past the dealership with Renee at the window! So after finding a garage to turn around in (Malc still liked how it handled) we eventually took it back. Renee says that happens all the time! It was a good buy, but not the right one for us so I’m afraid the saga continues!

He obviously wasn’t upset though because before we left he showed us round his 80.000 sq ft of heated garage space that housed his personal helicopter, Hummer and a few other little toys. He also enjoyed showing us a top of the range 40 ft motor home that was in winter storage there. Inside which everything was gold fittings, plush leather furniture and ceilings so high Malc had to stand on tiptoe and at full stretch to reach them! I suppose the American equivalent to a Posh & Beck’s camper. Very nice if the price was right.


Today we didn’t venture farther than the camp site across the road, which we have discovered is owned by a couple from Tunbridge Wells, who have already done what we’re planning and have now settled here to run a business. Don’t worry we aren’t planning to follow them!

They gave us some useful tips, like how to get rid of skunks when they come scavenging! – hadn’t seen that one in the “How to go RVing “books I’ve read!

As you can see from today’s piccies they’re gearing up for Halloween already, this was the farm stall at the end of the road.

Guess the name of the green vegetables…answers on a postcard please to

“The Jelleys,

 Hanger 2

 Hurn Airport,


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