A few old cars

Sunday 10th September


A quiet day today, beautiful after yesterday’s thunderstorm, but distinctly chilly this evening as the sun went down. The cooler night time temperatures are what is beginning to turn the leaves. The spectacular mountain back drop is going to be amazing when fall comes. I’ve always wanted to be in New England for the fall, but somehow I think it’ll be just like Nova Scotia. Nat told me this week that this is the only part of the States she’d consider living in because it’s so like Canada!

Anyway we did venture out, to visit a car show here in North Conway where the Washington Valley Old Car Club had a rally.

 Each year the club gives a scholarship to one or two deserving students in the area. Recipient students pursue advanced education in a field related to mechanical or automotive technologies.”

There were around 250 cars there and even I, as a female (as long as it has 4 wheels and an engine), couldn’t fail to be impressed, they were lovely. I didn’t know what half of them were, but they were so shiny and so obviously loved that they just had to be admired. The first row was easy to identify- all Corvettes Ross! Yours would not have looked out of place. Others looked like they’d come straight out of the movies. We took too many photos to post here and no doubt we’ll see lots more great cars on our travels, but just feast your eyes on a few…

(You’ll see some more in the “Arty Farty” album)

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