Mud glorious mud…

Saturday 9thSept


Hey! Today we experienced our first “Eccentric America” event: the World Championship of Mud Football (page 197) Every little boys dream come true, playing in the mud without getting told off, playing in the mud with your friends, playing in the mud and people cheering you; what could be better? It seems that little American boys don’t grow up either. They just become big American boys!


There is a “stadium” here in North Conway called the Hogs coliseum, and in Sept each year it’s flooded by the fire department in order to make it one big mud pool, you’ll understand what I mean when you see the pictures! Now to the uninitiated American football is a bit of a mystery, put the players in a mud bowl and it becomes totally incomprehensible! Malc says the thing about American Football is someone throws the ball, they stop. Someone catches the ball, they stop. Someone falls over with the ball they stop. Someone gets pushed over they stop, sometimes they just stop. Frequently they change the whole side and stop. Then when they want too, they call time out and stop. You can’t really call it a non stop game; he thinks we should play this at home with rugby league rules!  However there are many merits to this crazy spectacle:

  • It’s for charity
  • You don’t have to be in shape to play (though there were some tasty players girls!)
  • It was all good muddy fun
  • Everyone behaved impeccably – no swearing allowed at family events over here – maybe something we should adopt
  • The synchronized mud swimming at half time was scream, the belly dancing that followed meant there was something for everyone!


We have video, but can’t show it on this blog, you’ll have to wait for the web site. In the mean time just enjoy a selection of the pictures we took. Just think, there’s so much more out there to see!


One response to “Mud glorious mud…

  1. Hello!I am sure you enjoy your travels as I see all the pictures!It is great to see you experiencing such things!I miss you!

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