So we lost a couple of days…

Friday Sept 8th


We’re still here, the last few days were just a haze of vehicles… real and virtual! Malc has slotted into driving around in Doug’s car which will make things easier going for test drives when that time comes along.

We have continued to view vehicles and search on line. Today we went South to Laconia just a short distance, about 60miles, to look at a 5th wheel and a truck which was a complete package advertised in the local paper. (No stone unturned) Whilst it was OK and really a bargain we declined and I think it helped us to come to the decision that we want a motor home. Malc had a drive in the truck, a 1999 dodge 3/4ton V10 gas engine, which drove well but I think didn’t give him the kick he was expecting. It was comfy, but not comfy enough to drive 500 miles a day in! The “pilot” seat in a motor home is a huge armchair which must make the whole travel thing much more agreeable.

So we returned to a local dealer where we’ve seen a couple that are interesting, just to confirm to ourselves that we want a motor home.

Mary came too, although she did get turned off again, I am getting used to her (she’s the only other woman he’s ever going to have, but girls you should know there is a Mike and a Sam waiting silently in the GPS programme for when I want to get my own back!)


Our route back took us past some wonderful spots that show just why D&T have settled here. The scenery is spectacular and now that the leaves are just on the cusp of turning it’s very beautiful.

Endless lakes, we stopped by Winnipesaukee (the biggest) and forest, which with today’s blue skies and bright sunshine gave us picture postcard scenes. Even the wild turkeys on the roadside were unreal! – they were real! – really!!


So, the search continues plus the fact we are enjoying are time here, it’s all part of the journey. Tomorrow is “mud bowl” in town. The motorhome can wait a while, at least we now just look at class A, next question – diesel or gas?


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