Tuesday Sept 5th


The search continued today, having found a “rig” that we liked the look of online that wasn’t too far away, only about 100+miles; so after telephoning them to ask about opening hours we went to have a look. There are lots that look good in pictures but it’s amazing how different they are when you stand in them. We realised today that we’ve probably done more research/viewing/travelling in our quest for an RV than we did when we looked for a house!!

When we arrived at the dealership we found that the particular motor home we wanted to see had been loaned out to one of the staff for 2 weeks. Mental note, check to see that what we want to look at is actually there before we go!

We looked at a few more but none seemed just right, people tell us we’ll know when we step inside the right one… we’re still waiting for that eureka moment. Watch this space as they say…

Oh, by the way – we navigated down to the dealership using our new GPS programme on the laptop. It did pretty well with “Microsoft Mary” talking us through the journey – Betsy wants to know why I don’t shout at her – but I did turn her off a couple of times (don’t you guys wish you had one of those switches for your “navigator”). Not a bad first trial of electronic navigation however “Mary” did say we were there when we still had about 500yds to go – she kept on telling us to turn round and go back! Well we did eventually – still no RV!

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