A rainy bank holiday

Sunday 3rd  Sept


Well it seems nothing changes –  it’s Labor Day week end here, a bit like our bank holiday and guess what…it’s pouring with rain!

No work on the front steps and no RV viewing either but we did make good use of the time by going to a map shop (have a look, it’s not your average Waterstones http://www.delorme.com/about/eartha this bit is particularly interesting the earth was just “awesome”…sorry! ) down in Yarmouth which is near Portland in Maine. We went right across Maine from west to east as it’s on the eastern coast. No it wasn’t near but we think you’ve probably got used to us going on about distance over here.

Anyway we did buy a GPS navigation system that will work on the laptop, phew! That means we might not get divorced after all. Suppose I will just have to get my head around the programme.

On the way home, in the dark, in the rain, with Doug using his own GPS in the car we went down some very country back roads, full of leaping frogs some of which unfortunately lept their last leap…as Malc would say they’ve croaked it!


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