Settling in



Melissa leaves for college today so this morning was spent doing one or two little jobs to her car for the 800 mile journey, a bit of shopping and sorting out the final list of materials still to get to complete that front deck. Doug popped over to the Home Depot (B&Q) to get them, another 100 mile round trip – or more! He did however leave me the keys to his VW (the car he uses to tow behind his RV). So a little more driving practice for me, in something slightly smaller this time – hey check out the number plate in the picture. First stop the dealership to find out a bit more about that Endeavour – still in the picture. Then on round to some truck dealers should we go the 5th wheel route – still in the picture!

On the way back we filled up with gas (petrol really) at the princely sum of $2.80 a gallon (about 38p per litre!) they’re still complaining about how expensive it is. Thank goodness the price is coming down now – they recon it will be down to about $2.50 soon… I like the sound of that!

A lazy evening after dinner, checking out RV prices on the internet – hey, no rush…


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