On the road – again

Friday 1st September


What shall we do today? – I know, “let’s look at some RV’s”. Well today’s twist is that we went in Doug’s RV this time (he said it needed a run anyway). Doug has a 36’ Rexhall Aerbus http://www.rexhall.com/bAerbus1.asp We just happened to call in at another dealer on the way round to pick up his motorhome from the storage yard. We came across the first “A” class that we like the layout and everything else – a 37’ Endeavour “diesel pusher”.(Girls that means there is a diesel engine at the back, not a petrol one at the front which is apparently better when going up hills!)  The difficulty being it’s slightly over our budget so we continue the journey, the Endeavour is not out of the game though – could be a test drive…

A few checks before setting off and we were soon on our way to a huge dealer in Maine (another state we can now put a tick in that box – not really we have to explore properly to qualify). Yet again Doug thinks nothing of putting himself out and driving miles for us, but this is a guy who loves driving and spends most of the time out of his office on the road. He really did look at home behind the wheel of his second home. It certainly is a bit different travelling in an 8’6” wide bus, especially when 30 minutes or so into the run Doug says, “You want to drive?” This was followed by a long silence… have you EVER known Malc to be silent? Well it had to happen some time, Doug pulled into a nice long lay-by and we swapped seats – oooh it did feel big! OK into drive, mirror check, wait for a big long gap in the traffic and off we go. It surprised me how quick something like this can get up to over 50 mph and take control of you rather than the other way round! I started to get the hang of sitting so high up and so far away from the windscreen and so CLOSE to the BIG trucks coming the other way and I did get to slow down a bit, especially after the first left turn sent everything flying across the cab! I think I was tense enough for both of us! Within five minutes we were in a small town with people parked up and still the big trucks coming the other way – who said all the American roads were so much wider than ours? Doug kept saying he wasn’t worried, Betsy just kept very quiet in the back. I know how I feel when I’m in the driving seat and Malc is my passenger, even after all these years I can still never completely relax. All seemed to be going well up to the point when Doug said “You got that light” – “Yes” I said confidently, watching the red traffic light at the next junction coming up a couple of hundred yard away. His voice changed, “You got that red?” – “Yes” – “The school bus?” Well I can tell you the brakes work well – I was concentrating so much on my side of the road I hadn’t noticed the school bus about to stop on the other – you must stop when a school bus stops – whichever side of the road you are on! Wow – not too bad as I was slowing down anyway but I think it will take some time to get used to such a big vehicle and the different ways of driving – maybe you should give me plenty  of practice time before you come over to visit? To be fair Malc did really well, he hasn’t driven anything since leaving the UK so to be dropped in at the deep end, wrong side of the road AND in this huge vehicle AND in a fairly busy built up area, not the type of road shown in the picture! He did do well.

Well we made it to the dealer – nothing we liked so back home, past Sebago lake and back into New Hampshire – this time Doug drove all the way – a mere 120 mile round trip this time.

The day finished with a meal at a Mexican restaurant in town and Ice cream from the local parlour.

I have to learn to ask what constitutes a portion, I chose a “sampler” in the restaurant thinking that it would be just a little bit of each thing WRONG! It was just a full portion of 3 different things! Then in the ice cream parlour I did ask questions…however choosing a cone and a small ice cream didn’t work either. The cone was fine… but 4 scoops?! Next time I’ll ask for a “kiddy” portion which is more like a normal size for us! I have to add that we’d missed lunch so the overall calorie intake was not as bad as it sounds.

Should have taken the camera – oh well I am sure we can get plenty of pictures another time.

On the way back from ice cream we collected a new toilet from D&T’s self store to fit into their newly tiled bathroom – looks like I’m working for my keep this weekend – still got that deck to finish…

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