Out of town – a couple of hundred miles round trip?

Thursday 31st


Well somewhere along the way I lost a day, I was convinced today was Wed. I suppose that’s all part of being “on holiday” mind I haven’t worn a watch since we arrived so really I’ve no idea what day or time it is!!

Today we went in search of this elusive RV and do you know what we found it! See picture – who needs all this space/washer-driers/generators/slide outs? Seriously we looked at lots and lots, we continue to be amazed at how different the layouts can be.

Doug took us off to some “out of town” dealers, after an hour or so (just down the road by Doug’s distance scale) we pulled into the first one. I think we are getting the feel of what we want but it’s still a dilemma about 5th wheel or class A – we need to go away in one of each for a practice! J

We were all getting a little peckish, it’s surprising how hungry all this looking makes you.

Doug knew a great little diner – he was right – the “Miss Wakefield Diner” a real 1949 all chrome typical American diner. We loved it – soaking up the atmosphere Betsy felt quite embarrassed when I suggested we should take some pictures. But it was alright, we’re British so everyone seems to forgive any eccentric behaviour (quite a good place for me). Thirst quenched and hunger satisfied, back on the road to “RV mile” – dealer after dealer along the same road. Hey Ross – would you believe one sold RV’s and Corvettes! Mike (one of the dealers) was a great help with what would have been a fantastic soundbite explaining the type of truck we would need for a particular 5th wheel.

“hey the best thing I would recommend you guys get would be a Chevy thirty-five hundred  with the Duramax and Allison transmission, so quiet you would think you are in a limo and big enough to pull a house without even noticing and you get 18mpg pulling or not!” The soundbite goody was the speed at which he said it and the way that all of the words seemed to be a foreign language said with an American accent. Betsy still can’t understand it now even with the English translation…

Turning home we made a last call in Camping World – how big? – then up interstate 93 to a lovely ski resort, Lincoln, before turning west over the mountains on route 112, the Kangamanga highway.

We were on “Moose watch” along this road with many signs saying moose crossing, well I think they must have crossed before we got there or were waiting until we had passed – non seen. However there was the consolation prize of seeing two deer 20 minutes from home (us, not them, they seemed to be at home!).

Looking back through the valley as we climbed the mountain pass was our first sunset, 3000ft up it certainly was a bit chillier – so many more to come…

No RV but somehow we feel a little closer to knowing what we want.


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