To 5th wheel or not 5th wheel…

Wednesday 30th


Good start today – contractors back to grout the bathroom floor, a lovely sunny day. Betsy sat out on the part finished front porch with Holly and wrote her journal (take note Anita & Malcolm).

I spent the morning checking out insurance for various vehicles that we may end up with and called a local RV dealer about registering and licensing a vehicle here in New Hampshire, it turns out that we can do this using our B1/B2 visa so no LLC needed (doesn’t mean we won’t set one up but Betsy says I mustn’t talk about them any more!)

‘Trish came home at lunch and gave us a lift out to a local RV dealer, just a small one though (only 11 acres of vehicles to look at) Well today was the day we decided a 5th wheel would be the way to go. Maybe tomorrow that will change, Doug is back and he says he will take us to some big dealerships out of town.

Today the decision was that it will be at least a 34 footer with at least 3 slide outs. This would mean that the total length of rig works out at around 50’ but it gives us a nice big lounge area at the back, entertainment area, desk, dining for 4 plus a breakfast bar then on in to bathroom, washer dryer and a nice big bedroom with plenty of wardrobe and drawer/cupboard space. Well 3 hours later we began to decide that we knew what we didn’t want (is that a help?)

‘Trish leaves work just after 5 so we had an hour to kill – we walked home, no one walks, all the traffic slowed down as they went passed these two strange people walking along the highway (we were on the grass at the side not on the highway). About a mile or so up the road we came across a bridge over the river, I guessed it must be the Saco and as we had walked from D&T’s place on the first day down to the Saco it must be that a walk upstream should bring us back to that area, thank goodness that worked out to be right. After a couple of photo’ opportunity stops we got home just before ‘Trish left work. The picture of the two of us is at the boulders below a gauge station


The day draws to a close now after; chicken on the “George Foreman” for dinner and the , now usual, after dinner chat for an hour. We have just polished off a plate of home made chocolate chip cookies with a cup of tea for supper – super.


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