Trading places or tradesmens faces?



So – an early start today; 4:30am – not for me though Doug had a drive down to a client near New York – a paltry 8hr. drive! Well we made breakfast by 9 as this morning we were house sitting for D&T. Tradesmen were coming in to retile the bathroom floor (last night Doug and I took out the toilet in preparation) so as Doug was away and ‘Trish at work I was on project management (is that a promotion?). Well while they beavered away putting down a sub floor etc. etc. I screwed a few more deck boards down on the front porch until I ran out of wood – Hooray… For all of you who are still concerned about how we get into the house, don’t worry one day there will be steps up to the front door!

After lunch I sort of got down to the business we are here for, well sort of, I phoned a company in Montana who specialize in setting up LLC’s for people to purchase RV’s through. An LLC is a limited liability company, this would in effect give us a presence in Montana which means the company purchases the RV – we own the company so we own the RV. As Montana has no purchase tax then our Montana company would not have to pay purchase tax on any vehicle -wherever we purchase it from, as we would license it in Montana. Licensing is also cheaper than most other states and so is insurance, so all in all we save more than the cost of setting up the LLC. Are you with me so far? (Betsy-“ I can see the eyes glazing over, it’s just another of his long stories”) Hey we could even effectively hide who owns what by buying another LLC through the first one but registering in another state and so on and so on – we could get lost literally and legally – bet you’re not with me now!!! Bottom line is we will probably set one up just to make a purchase easy as we have no residency address for licensing a vehicle. Phew!

By this time we thought we should get out of the house and get some fresh air, before exploding with legal jargon.

On the way down to the main road we came across someone moving house – big truck needed…

This time we took a left (Betsy “ how long have we been here, a week? we turned left…) on the White Mountain Highway (South) and it wasn’t long before coming across a military surplus store, Frontline, shmuntline – this was a big line… Betsy wants to know why all these places all smell the same? (Betsy “musty”) Row upon row of ex military clothing, helmets, hats, uniforms (rather un nerving as some still had their previous owners name inside. I find these places fascinating and had to try on all the hats – I think the Viking helmet probably wasn’t ex military at all… It seems that many of these stores also have to have the myriad of paintball guns and BB replicas of every firearm available. Personally I think the knife and sword display was my favourite. (Betsy “don’t worry I’ll spare you any photos of him in the hats!”)

Further up the road a 30 minute browse around one of the many craft stores,( He’s exaggerating, it wasn’t half as long as we were in the army surplus!) a picture of a restaurant for my brother and we were on our way back for dinner. Passing a small Motel I couldn’t help taking a picture for Ross, the only car in the car park – Corvette – they’re two a penny!

Melissa, D&T’s daughter was home for the evening returning Doug’s truck that she had been borrowing whilst her car had some maintenance done before she returns to college in Lexington Virginia

You see America is a small country really – she has just left to drive back to Boston tonight, about 3 and ½ hours. Everyone just seems to be happy to drive anywhere.


Oh well back to bed to dream of our travels to come and the miles ahead of us.

Just a thought, a sign we saw in the craft store said:


“The best antiques are your old friends”


Not sure how you will take that…(No comment!)

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