Be prepared to stop


Monday 28th


Well today saw us let out alone…yes, released on an unsuspecting New Hampshire public!

We’re getting used to the “Gee Where are you guys from, Gee I could listen to that accent all day long…”

But everyone’s so nice, polite and helpful and as D&T had said the pace of life up here is “real slow” We spent most of the day sauntering through North Conway village. It’s really; well I suppose we’d say quaint. It’s very busy at this time of year with tourists, like the UK the kids go back to school next week so many families are making the most of their last few days of holiday. This area is an all year resort though, from the Summer with walking/biking/hiking/canoeing, to the Autumn when visitors come to see the fall leaves. Then it’s into the ski season, many of the buildings are a bit “alpine” in design and by all accounts North Conway is hugely popular with skiers from Massachusetts, Boston in particular. Week end cottages are popular, in fact that’s how D&T came to settle here, having had one before deciding to come for good.

The main road ribbons through the valley and is lined with unique shops as well as those selling all the sports gear. NH doesn’t have any sales tax, so that’s another bonus for visitors and also probably explains why there are many “outlet stores” Guess which store was our first port of call?

Yes, Vic the realtors (estate agents in English) just checking up on the investment potential… to give you a flavour as they say there is a very nice 3 bed/2 bath home, 1700 sq ft  just off the main road in North Conway going for $199,900 about £120,000.

Who needs an RV? But then again how far can you travel in a 3bed/ 2 bath home with vinyl sides?

We also did a bit of culture; there is a small science museum here that is linked to the observatory at the summit of Mt.Washington. Did you know that the highest ever wind speed was recorded there in 1934 and was 231 miles an hour, phew!

We plan to visit Mt Washington before we leave the area, lets hope we choose a calm day.


Oh by the way- it seems road works are universal. New water main work is causing chaos…

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