The first day here

Friday 25th

Wow – we slept for something like 11hrs. I think horizontal is a brilliant invention. So back to the vertical and after a nice refreshing shower and some breakfast Betsy and I decided to go explore  where we are now living whilst Doug caught up with some work.

Within 100 yards of leaving we walked passed our first Corvette sighting (eat your heart out Ross) I think it was a late 70’s model but I am sure I will be corrected. Five minutes and we are down at the “beach” a sandy bank of the river Saco, in the spring this is a fast flowing torrent at least 8ft. deeper than its present state. We walked along downstream following the trail through the woods close to the river banks, half expecting to be followed by someone playing the fiddle or banjo – should I have brought along a bow and arrow with me? Now worries though, all we came across was a chipmunk about 5 or 6 different types of mushroom and one guy on a quad bike going fishing. We returned through the woods to the houses. Doug has been trying to scare us since or arrival with his stories of Bears. At the end of his back garden the woods start, he says they are about 2miles deep and on occasions he sees bears in his garden and they have managed to rip open his bins in search of food. We finished our walk with one of our favourite pastimes – looking at the different houses and deciding – yes we could live there or a very definite ugh! On our return by a different path, we came across a vehicle shrouded under cover…needs identification any ideas Ross?

Back for lunch and Doug took us off on a tour of “the valley” we went over our first covered bridge – Just a little aside – did you know that in the winter they would shovel snow onto the bridge! Answers on a postcard… (will tell you later – have a think). This landmark merited several photos…oh dear! We’re on day 2 and we’re building up quite a large gallery already; must get into the editing habit right away. Anyway it’s nice just being driven round, think I will make the most of this before I end up for a few thousand miles in the driving seat myself. We drove to a couple of good view points but unfortunately it was a bit of a  grey misty day so no great pictures of the mountains, we are actually on the Appalachian way and you can just about see Mt. Washington from Doug and ‘Trish’s house. We climbed to the top of Cathedral Ledge, it was so steep that at times we had to go down to third gear, I suppose one day we will “climb” Mt. Washington too. Read about it so a visit is a must.

On the way home we stopped at a roadside farm stall to buy some SWEETcorn (it turned out to be the ones that Leo and Nat call peaches and cream) at $2.75 for six Doug thought they were a bit expensive! Hey, that night we would have been happy just eating that corn, it is so delicious, Doug and I are going into the export business – expect peaches and cream corn cobs in a shop near you soon. Started to watch a film after dinner but fell asleep by about 9:30 – relaxing starts tomorrow?


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